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Digital Media Speaker - Social Media & Society

Digital Media Speaker C Isautier

Digital Media Speaker – Social Media & Society

24 février 2017
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Caroline Isautier is a bilingual (French-English) digital media speaker and evangelist. She gives conferences,  manages workshops and training sessions on the impact of digital media  (the web) and social media (Facebook, Twitter and SnapChat) on organizations, jobs, society & education.

A Digital Wave of Change has Swept Over Us

Web and social media wave over a cityWe all feel somehow digital communications tools are changing the way we live, study, play, and work but whether it be within organizations, at school, in the news or at home, we haven’t yet taken steps to analyse this tech’s impact. Why? Because its going so fast!

Facebook was born in 2004.  Twitter in 2006.  Instagram in 2010.  SnapChat in 2011. The web we use today, with a browser, was born in the 1990s with Yahoo and Google! The iPhone was launched in 2007.  Need I say more about the pace of change?

These new communications technologies are between 13 and 20 years old… Yet their impact has been tremendous: changing the way teens access and share information – and to a lesser extent, the way we all do in society.

While « digital humanities » as a field has truly emerged in academia since 2004, its findings have been slow to penetrate our common knowledge.

A Digital Media Speaker without Buzz Words nor Vested Interests

Taking a moment to stop and hear, as a group, about what these changes mean for the group is crucial to surf, rather than be swept away by this California-born technological wave.

Caroline has been lucky enough to follow these changes in France and California over the past 20 years, as a professional marketer, a globetrotter and a parent. As an entrepreneur with a critical and analytical mind and a passion for education, Caroline has been ‘evangelizing’, as they say in Silicon Valley, about digital media’s impact since 2012.

Although a geek to some, as one trained in continuing education in computer programming, she seeks to avoid, or at least explain, all buzz words that are so common and serve to intimidate the audience in most tech-related events. An initial top-tier education in Canada, the US and France in Political Science, Economics and Business helps her give a bird’s eye view of complex evolutions technology brings.  She has two BA’s: one from the University of Toronto, the other from Sciences Po Aix-en-Provence and a 2 year MBA from ESSEC Business school.

A MarCom background leads her to adapt the message to the audience and circumstances. Caroline has crafted content for teens, professors, senior managers and enterprise professionals.

Finally, her goal is not to sell your organization products or services. Her objective is to give you the knowledge to choose your course. Time spent on quality education is time saved on haphazard execution!

Speaking Engagements and Seminars on Digital Media

Digital Media Speaker C Isautier

Her recent speaking engagements in Toronto and France have included:



  • Training seminar (in French) for teachers and employees of an educational institution on « Being a 2.0 Teacher » (2 hours)


  • Internal seminar for professionals part of a company’s management, marketing, customer support and sales team on digital marketing ( SEO, SEA, SMO) to develop one’s business ( One day)
    • Various entreprises and organizations: Informia, Foire de Marseille, Festival d’Art Lyrique d’Aix-en-Provence